Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Teal Dragoness, a cocktail for OCNA 2012 Turn Up the Heat: A Celebration of Women Chefs

According to wikipedia, the color Teal is not even 100 years old, but its a color we know in nature (common teal duck, etc.) and has a broad range of tones in the green/blue spectrum.

Teal is also the color associated with Ovarian Cancer causes (as pink is for breast cancer).  For the 2nd year I created a signature cocktail for the annual Turn Up the Heat Gala in DC.  This charity event showcases & celebrates the talent of dozens of women chefs and restaurateurs from the DC Metro Area and raises money for a good cause.  Its a privilege and honor to be the only brewery & distiller invited to pour for past 5 years, and to have a signature cocktail for the second year.  My 2011 Teal Tonic was Rum based, the 2012 cocktail base is Rogue Spirits' Sprue Gin  distilled with 14 ingredients including traditional botanicals like juniper berries, along with Spruce and Cucumbers.

Teal Dragoness is the 2012 cocktail I created, inspired by OCNA, Women Chefs & Restaurateurs Assoc and the Year of the Dragon.

In a cocktail or wine glass, pour over ice and stir:
  • 1 part  Rogue Spirits Spruce Gin
  • 1/2  parts  Bols Blue Curacao  (just enough to create your shade of teal)
  • 1 part  Prosecco or equivalent sparking wine

  • Use Q-Ginger, tonic or club soda instead of Prosecco.
  • Add a splash of Midori if more green is needed for your Teal Dragoness.
Raise your glass ~ toast the women who are fighting and surviving Ovarian Cancer & wish them well, and toast those who are looking for and working on a cure.   Prost & Enjoy! 

A shout out to Karen Buhler - an amazing glass artist (and my sister-in-law) who also makes whimsical shot glasses (heat shots of people, buck shots of deer...),  tumbers & cocktail glasses, in addition to her collectible glass art.  My "Buckshot" shot glass is filled with the Teal Dragoness cocktail.

TURN UP THE HEAT -- Event Info:  
 “Turn up the Heat: A Celebration of Women Chefs” Gala will take place at the DC Ritz Carlton at 1150 22nd Street NW on Tuesday, February 7, 2012. Proceeds of the event will support our efforts to raise awareness, educate women and health care providers, and advocate on behalf of women with ovarian cancer.  Tickets start at $250 doe the 2012 Turn Up the Heat Gala. Your contribution is tax deductible above the $90 per-person cost of the dinner.   We hope you will join us!

Here is a list of  Chefs participating in 2012 Turn Up the Heat, February 7th at the Ritz Carlton, DC.






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