Monday, September 7, 2009

having your cake and eating it too

One of my favorite beer cookbooks is Bruce Aidell's Real Beer and Good Eats. So imagine how thrilled I was to hear about the October 2009 issue of Bon Appetite Magazine and a chocolate layer cake recipe that recommends Rogue Chocolate Stout, written by Chef Bruce!

Forget milk—stout is the perfect pairing for this cake.
Serve glasses of the same brew you used in the cake batter.
Take it up a notch by adding a scoop or two of vanilla ice cream to the beer for a grown-up float.

Bravo! The photo of a wedge of cake with a glass of stout in the backgroud is irresistable! Thanks to Diane for calling Rogue Ales HQ, asking where to buy a bottle of RCS in Potomac, MD in order to bake this cake, which was passed onto me for followup. I hope your cake was delicious! The recipe calls for strong coffee, my pick is Stumptown HairBender.

Another chef who uses Rogue Chocolate Stout in a cake and frosting recipe is Chef Michael Wagner from Lola's on Harrison in Hollywood, FL!