Saturday, November 21, 2009

Read All About it...

I have a plethora of new books to read from recent travels and events. Here is a quick look at my reading list and beer related gift suggestions:

the beerbistro cookbook.
by Stephen Beaumont and Chef Brian Morin
Great design and readability, well presented and categorized.
Who doesn't want to cure their own bacon... Chocolate Stout Jelly...
My brief visit to beerbistro was with the Brewers Assoc Trade Mission, featuring American Craft Beer for Canadian Retailers and LCBO.
Maple Berkshire Bacon Brulee was the opening amuse ~ it was an incredible dinner with great beer pairings, conversations and connections.
I cannot wait to visit BeerBistro Restaurant on King Street in downtown Toronto again, but until then, I'll enjoy the photos (mussels!) and experimenting with Chef Brian's recipes at home. I highly recommend this book. 262 pgs, hardcover.

Christina Perozzi and Hallie Beaune, authors of The Naked Pint, the unadulterated Guide to Craft Beer, came to the City of Brotherly Love on a book tour. A dinner was arranged at Fork Restaurant with the help of Jennie Hatton. The dinner comprised six beers paired with the reception and four course dinner, representatives from each brewery attended.

Beerlass Suzanne Woods blog'd the dinner designed and prepared by Chef Terence Fuery, with food photos and nice recap. Below is a group photo with Ellen Yin (Fork Restaurant), JennieHatton (ProFile/PR), Suzanne Woods (Sly Fox, BeerLass), Megan Maguire (Ommegang), Wendy Dormant (DogFish Head), Christina Perozzi (NakedPint), Jodi Stoudt (Stoudts), Hallie Beaune ((Naked Pint), Sebbie Buhler (Rogue Chocolate), Whitney Thompson (Victory), Tracy Mulligan (Victory). Even Lew blog'd it... he'll review the book soon too.

I sat with several locals who are foodies and love beer, soon to be Dr's Julia and Dan, Luke and his wife Abbey, a Fork'ster...they all bought the Naked Pint and I cannot wait to get their opinions! Three Cheers and thanks to Ellen Yin at Fork, one of Phila's earliest supporters of women in the beer and beverage industry!

Yo, forget the cheesesteaks in Philly, head to Market & 3rd and dine at Fork ~ be sure to have the Lamb Belly Confit, we had it with Sly Fox Saison, yummmm... Loved the scallops & meyer lemon (along with bacon, scallops are a must have in my diet) paired with Rare Vos; Smoked Duck & Raison D'Etre, duck-d'etre- done; the dessert was divine ~ chocolate caramel tart and Rogue Chocolate Stout.

Back to the reason we were dining at Fork, the book... Naked Pint is something I've perused several times this week and will continue to peruse. I love easy reading, I love opening a book to any page and enjoying it. Love the Tiffany Blue, golden type and Chocolate Stout mirage on the cover... selling is all about first looks, and this book has it. Love the table of contents: Beer 101, The Art of Beer, Neophyte, Sophomore, Devout, Promiscuous, Home is where the Beer is, Beer Lover's Kitchen, Brewing at Home, Entertaining with Beer, and Parting is such sweet sorrow. Bravo Christina and Julia! As for the rest of y'all, don't even think about borrowing this book, buy your own!

Mastering Cheese ~ a new book from David Gibbons and Max McCalman, Dean of Curriculum at Artisanal Premium Cheese in New York City. I've had many chances to sample beer and cheeses with Max in the last 2 years at cheese conferences, food shows, and the dozen classes at APC in NYC I've co-taught. Max recently presented Rogue Juniper Pale Ale & Hazelnut Brown Ale at his annual Epcot / Artisanal Cheese class to much fanfare and delight (from the emails Rogue Ales gets!) , so I know he understands why beer pairs better with cheese...

Rogue Chocolate Stout was selected for one of the tasting plates (page 258-260) which pairs three beers: Pilsner Urquell, Dogfish 60 Minute IPA, Rogue Chocolate Stout; with six cheeses: Stanser Schaf Reblochon, Durrus, Fiscalini Bandage Cheddar, Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Aged Dutch Gouda, Cashel Blue.

Max's deduction, Rogue Chocolate Stout paired the best with the six cheeses (proof is on the pairing score sheet), especially with the Fiscalini Bandage Cheddar which reminded him of the flavors in a chocolate cream pie.

Mastering Cheese is a mere 384 pages, chock full of information about cheese, cheese makers, styles, pairings, recipes, photos and facts, faqs and more facts. A welcome addition to my library, and I hope yours too.

Back to beer books... I was highest bidder on Silent Auction Lot #2, the Ale St News package at the Richie Stolarz Tribute Dinner on November 10th at Cloverleaf Tavern in Caldwell NJ. Lot #2 included: Michael Jackson's Great Beers of Belgium, Roger Protz's 300 Beers to Try before you Die, Jef Klein's History and Stories of the Best Bars of New York, Bill Yenne's The American Brewery. All welcome additions to my library!

Back in August at the American Cheese Society I bought Ari Weinzweig's Guide to Better Bacon. Ari is a partner at Zingermans, one helluva promoter and business leader. His bacon book is already one of my favorite gift items for 2009, and will be in 2010 too! They even have a limited edition PigSkin edition... cereal!