Thursday, November 3, 2011

Celebrating November 3rd , International Stout Day

Hip Hip Horray for Erin Peters  who declared November 3rd as International Stout day! @Stoutday

Being that my image has been on the bottle of Rogue Chocolate Stout for upwards of a dozen years, it behooves me to  encourage others to imbibe in this elixir--drink on the dark side, go for your inner stout, especially on November 3rd!

Why settle for just drinking your stout when you can eat it too!   Here are a few ways to celebrate  ~ all are available online and made with a stout near and dear to my International Stout Day heart!

Rogue Creamery Chocolate Stout Cheddar - The Lodge gift basket also includes Smokey Blue and other goodies selected by Rogue Creamery. The cheddar is also sold in 8oz blocks at select retailers and through online retailers.
TruffleTruffle's Beer Pretzel & Brittle collection.
Vosges Haut Chocolate's  new  Smoke + stout  chocolate bar
Valerie Confections - gift box of whiskey and stout truffles 
Capogiro  makes a special batch of Rogue Chocolate Stout gelato each year for Philly Beer Week! 

Why not brew it at home?   This 5 gallon homebrew recipe for Roge Chocolate Stout is online.   Better yet, you can celebrate twice this week since November 5th is Learn to Homebrew Day - an annual event sanctioned by the American Homebrewers Association! 

You can also bake your stout and eat it too!   Check out this recipe that Chef Bruce Aidells wrote for Bon Appetite Magazine!    Here is a fun blog post &  brownie recipe (though I have not tried it myself).   Who doesn't love a molten lava cake made with chocolate stout...

On a diet? You can also read all about it -- just remember good beer is real food!  There are dozens of dozens of reviews by the consumers on Beer Advocate  and RateBeer  and a solid thumbs-up from the  beer press in Seattle!

So join me in celebrating International Stout Day, hopefully with something very dark and highly roasted in your glass or a creation thereof on your plate.  No matter whether it has notes of chocolate malt or real chocolate added, its all about the base -- Stout!!