Friday, July 10, 2009

Sommelier Smackdown in Gotham... Beer vs Emily Wine!

I received an unexpected invitation that I could not refuse...would I consider challenging Emily Wines, a master sommelier, to a smackdown in NYC--her beverages against mine, paired with a three course meal. Odds are I'll learn a thing or ten, being a beer advocate with no bartending experience. I've been known to blend my beers and infuse my cocktails, and considering the host is Chef Patricia Williams at Nios, we will eat well too! So join me on Tuesday July 28th at Nios Restaurant inside The Hotel Muse for Round 2 of the Sommelier Smackdown in Gotham, and see whose beverages reign surpreme!

Where were the beer drinkers? One more vote for the barley would have ensured a victory over the grape... I lost by a few points--it was really close, so I challenged Emily to a rematch, with cheese. She has retained her title and belt, but not for long!!

Nice shout out in a SeroiousEats interview!
Q: What have been some of your favorite pairings from the smackdowns you've hosted so far, either yours or someone else's?
A: I loved the dark beer spritzed with hazelnut liquor that Sebbie Buhler from Rogue Ales did with the chocolate peanut butter crepes.
Toche'' I spritz’d each glass before serving the Chocolate Stout & Hazelnut Brown Ale beer blend at the table. Then I spritz'd the glasses individually which added lovely nutty aromas and foam! Emily & I spritz’d her pairing, a classic Port, which was seriously good with Rogue Spirits Hazelnut Rum!