Monday, March 7, 2011

truffle truffle ~ Green Beer Marshmallows for St Pattys Day ~ the Rogue way

truffle truffle in Chicago uses Rogue Chocolate Stout in their beer & pretzel recipes and have a special green beer marshmallow for St Patricks Day 2011 that will benefit the community ~ Rogue go Bragh!

green beer o'mallows

think marshmallows! Inspired by local tradition, we've turned our beer marshmallows green for St. Patrick's Day! This limited edition box, finished with a kelly green bow and shamrock tag, features our beer and pretzel marshmallows dressed up for the occasion, with a green hue and Shamrock confetti. Best of all, since "thinking green" means so much more to all of us, a percentage of proceeds from the sale of these seasonal treats will benefit Gateway Green's Tree Partnership Program, dedicated to converting abandoned lots into community green spaces to beautify Chicago's neighborhoods.

Order online before March 18th: