Sunday, March 6, 2011

March 8th Rattle N Rogue in NYC on International Womens Day

Tuesday March 8, 2011 is the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, which coincides with a Rogue Ales promotion, Rattle N Rogue at Rattle N Hum in midtown NYC!

What better way to celebrate than over a pint of beer with a woman on the label. Rogue Chocolate Stout and Mom Hefeweizen will be on tap, along with 25 other Rogues at Rattle N Hum, 14 East 33rd (between 5th & Madison). 6pm until. Pay as you go. Here is a draft list of the draughts:
  1. Juniper Pale Ale
  2. Chatoe Wet Hop Ale - farm grown
  3. Shakespeare Stout on Nitro
  4. Dead Guy Ale
  5. Mocha Porter
  6. Mogul Ale
  7. Brutal Bitter
  8. Hazelnut Brown Nectar
  9. Yellow Snow IPA
  10. Dry Hopped St. Rogue Red Ale
  11. Chocolate Stout
  12. Younger’s Special Bitter
  13. American Amber Ale
  14. Russian Imperial Stout
  15. Santa's Private Reserve
  16. Chipolte Ale
  17. Morimoto Soba Ale
  18. Double Chocolate Stout
  19. Morimoto Imperial Pilsner
  20. Imperial India Pale Ale - I2PA
  21. Rogue Irish Ale
  22. Chatoe (no sure which other...) - farm grown
  23. John John Dead Guy
  24. John John Hazelnut Nectar
  25. Captain Sig’s Norwestern Ale
  26. Charlie 1981
  27. Mom Hefeweizen

Come join the Rogue Nation for a great beer line up with Mussels to boot on Tues March 8th! Rumor has it there may be several cocktail made with Rogue Spirits on the menu too.

I'll be at Rattle N Hum from 6-9pm and hope to see you in Gotham! If you see me with my
We Can Do It lunchbox, ask what is inside! This image is often misattributed to Norman Rockwell, it is a WPA era design my J. Howard Miller for Westinghouse.

Join me in celebrating many accomplishments of women, especially in the brewing industry and culinary trade, plus the women who grow the ingredients we eat and drink.

Here is a short history from the United Nations. The banner logo above is from this UN 1997 post, and has the dove symbol which I associated with Danish designer Siersbol. I have my Grandmother Lillian's necklace with this dove/women's sign which was made in Denmark.

I've posted about women in the beer industry and the Pink Boots Society, and my involvement with food as a member of the American Cheese Society and Women Chefs and Restaurateurs Assoc (sign up today, we want you as a member!). Its all about educating and promoting craft beer, from the tank to the table. Barley's Angels, is the new consumer leg of Pink Boots Society for ladies to enjoy and learn about beer. Chapters are being setup across the globe, check us out ladies & friend us on facebook!

Another highlight this week is Top Chef All Stars on Wednesday. Three of the five finalists are women. Kudos to Chef Carla Hall, Chef Tiffany Derry, and Chef Antonia Lofaso. The episode on Ellis Island, exploring each contestant's genealogy and their families connection to food was wonderful.

You Go Girls!