Thursday, February 14, 2008

US Debut, 22 ounce Rogue Chocolate Stout

Rogue Chocolate Stout was released for sale in the USA in early 2001 in 22 ounce bottles and kegs. Until then it was brewed for export to Japan (12 ounce Choco Bear Beer) and sold on tap, very occasionally at Rogue Ales in Newport (before Issaquah Brewhouse, Eugene City Brewery and Rogue in San Fran, Portland & Astoria, Oregon opened), That all changed in 2001 and by 2003 Chocolate Stout became available year-round due to popular demand.

Infused with real Dutch bittersweet chocolate using an oatmeal stout as the base (Shakespeare Stout), Rogue Chocolate Stout is a hearty ale, chock full of body and flavor. Truly a 20th century recipe for the 21st century beer drinker!

Awards for Rogue Chocolate Stout include:
2008 New Zealand International Beer Awards—Bronze
2008 Mondial de la Biere Fest—Gold
2008 Australian International Beer Awards—Bronze
2007 Beer of the Year, Miami Herald
2007 World Beer Championships—Gold (Best of 2007)
2007 Montana Beer Fest—People's Choice
2007 Great International Beer Festival—3rd
2006 World Beer Championships—Gold
2005 Great International Beer Competition—1st
2005 Great British Beer Fest—1st
2005 BIIA—Gold
2005 Australian International Beer Awards—Bronze
2004 World Beer Championships—Gold
2004 Australian International Beer Awards—Gold
2004 Capital Food & Wine Fest—Best in Show
2003 World Beer Championships—Gold
2003 LA County Fair Beer Competition—Gold
2001 GABF—Silver
2000 International Beer Summit—Gold

2000 - Great American Beer Fest, Silver