Friday, February 22, 2008

Tasting a 1993 Oregon Nut Brown bottle in July 2007 (aka Rogue Hazelnut Brown Ale). Sebbie's interview & tasting with John Maier and Chris Studach


During the 2007 American Homebrewers Conference in Denver I invited by Charlie Papazian (founder of the AHA, and author of The Complete Joy of Home Brewing) to taste a 14 year old bottle of Oregon Nut Brown, a recipe created by Chris Studach.   Chris was asked to brew his recipe as the commemorative beer for the 1993 AHA conference and enlisted the help of his friend John Maier at Rogue Ales in Newport, OR.  Rogue Ales released Chris' recipe as a commercial product under the name Hazelnut Brown Nectar in 1994. Chris is a member of the Cascade Brewers Society.

Charlie cellars several bottles of each commemorative beer. After the tasting in Denver, he gifted me a bottle of 1993 Oregon Nut Brown which I shared with Chris and John during the 2007 Oregon Brewers Festival in Portland.   This video tells the story of this 14 year old bottle of beer!  Stacey Maier said the closing remarks, a favorite tag line of Charlie's:  Relax, Don't Worry. Have a Homebrew!

Here is a photo I took in Denver of the 1993 label and bottle:

Was I impressed with this 14 yr old beer? You betcha!   Kudos to Chris and John and thank you Charlie!