Friday, May 11, 2012

Mothers Day Made Sweeter with Beer + Chocolate

Beer + Chocolate for Mothers Day,  May 13, 2012  ~  a great way to kickoff  Craft Beer Week (May 14-20).

Give Mom (or any woman in your life)  the gift of beer made with chocolate, or chocolate made with beer for Mothers Day-- in a bottle or can, in a chocolate bar, truffle, marshmallow, brittle, cupcake, or a pint of ice cream or gelato. There are so many ways to enjoy beer + chocolate, and Mom will thank you for having such great taste, and for thinking of her on Mothers Day.

I've blogged about chocolates made with and paired with beer from Vosges Haut Chocolate in Chicago,  Capogiro Gelato in Philadelphia,  truffle truffle in Chicago, Socola Chocolates in Oakland.  Best of all, these all happen to be women-owned business who have embraced craft beer, and use it as an ingredient!

The new Vosges Smoke + Stout chocolate bar is amazing.  You bet I am biased since Katrina choose to use "my" beer,  but this really is good and a delicious gift to give and receive.

In celebration of Mothers Day and Craft Beer Week, I want to share this quote for the day, posted on Oct 5 1995 in the Bacchus Wine/Beer forum on Compuserve.  I came across an old file of notes and emails on Women in Brewing.  The message below is from  a 1994 article in the Beer & Tavern Chronicle that Alan Eames wrote.  "Beer is a woman's occupation. Beer is a woman's power base. It is the basis for all political organizational power women have had and enjoyed. Women maintain power and status in a male-dominated society by their skills as brewsters. They continue to do so in non-technologoical societies today." 

Today on WHYY Radio Times author Liza Mundy was interviewed about her new book TheRicher Sex.     Here are 3 soundbytes:   71% of women are in the workforce.  40% earn more than their husbands (compared to 23% when the government started tracking incomes for married working couples).  Women under 30 with no children earn more than Men under 30.

Open a bottle of craft beer brewed by a women or with a woman on the label, indulge in gelato, chocolate or other confections made by a women, visit a restaurant with a women chef in the kitchen (and let your server know you are there to patronize them because there is a women in the kitchen!) and toast the successes and future of the women in your life, on Mothers Day and Every Day!